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BravoBravo Detroit

 I spent a beautiful Friday evening with Detroit’s who’s-who downtown at the Detroit Opera House celebrating my first BravoBravo! 

This year sponsored by Italian automobile brand Fiat, the Detroit Opera House was fully decked out with happy people and beautiful automobiles. 

  My short walk to the event felt like a scene from my favorite television show Sex and The City.  God knows I woud not ever walk more than a city block in my heels if I can help it. #RuleofThumb During my walk I totally jammed to Drake on my headphones enjoying the view of Downtown Detroit. 

The handbag I wore to BravoBravo was a black and gold Chanel, one I’ve had for years. It is a classic and favorite of mine, especially being that my one and only eldest sister is named Chanel. My sister Chanel passed away in 2008 from cervical cancer so carrying that bag always reminds me of her presence and energy.

Have you ever been to a party alone? It’s absolutely fun. I always say that I don’t know many people but whenever I go out I run into folks that say, “Hey Yonikka”. It still shocks me.

I ran into a good friend while outside under the Crown Royal tent.  Hello @beautiigonzales I absolutely loved the talk we had. See you soon. 

 I asked her for a selfie. #Selfie with the awesome and beautiful bartender. That Crown Apple was Delish.   The most perfect #photobomb Inside the Opera House. #FeelingMyself#BFF Ed and I taking a #selfie at the #Kuzzos vendor table. I love this red chef jacket on him.   In the Mix room servicing customers. #bravobravo   Bathroom #Selfie 

Is it wrong? I’m loving her side boob action too. 


    Te-Te and I โค๏ธ  One of my favorite Get Ready secrets: Laura Mercier Body Butter in this exact scent. My Lip: Rosewood

Make-Up: #LauraMercier @FlawlessbyEvie #Nordstrom Somerset Collection Troy, MI 










Dress: RVN From RentTheRunway.com

Shoes: Aldo

Rings: Top Shop

Jacket: Top Shop

Hair: @HairBeau 

Make-Up: @FlawlessbyEvie


See you next year #BravoBravo


Birthday Treats

A very B.I.G. Thank You to Ms. Alisha Taylor @ Primm Salon for working my bob. 


May 11 … Just 1day until 29.

      I absolutely loved the scalp smoothie and steam treatment.      #Selfie          

May 12 Birthday They had no idea I was coming for breakfast on my day off but they are my family …. who else would I eat with? #Kuzzos  Regan and Lisa #MyWoes  I am such a happy girl! Yes Universe.   Is that thing on?    Laughing out Loud  World’s best busser/server assistant. Funniest too! Martez  Tez and Teanna its #Selfie time  I love it when they call me “Big Poppa” Have you had The Big Poppa @KuzzosChickenandWaffes ? #Birthday #Treat  Ed and I โค๏ธ 

I love most of all the love I received from my co-workers on my birthday. I had no idea they loved me as much as I do them. 

  OPI A a good Mandarin is hard to find. #SummerShades

  The face you make when you see the note inside the flowers. 

  Thank You Bestie!

  Thank God for Evie! #LauraMercier #Nordstroms #Somerset #Before

  #After #TasteofTheLions

Rider    Dress RVN                                     

  That moment when.. You decide to step out for a moment so you call an Uber Black.       My best friend is the bartender @Theboscoferndale   #BoscoThursdays May 14    Phil and I       May 15 from the trap to the racks. Mission: find something cute to wear. I’m so Forever 21. 

            Bottle Models Anniversary Party. My bestie is a Bottle Modle @BottleModels ๐Ÿ’•      Dress x Handbag Forever 21      @whoisyonni: You’ve got to be brutally honest with these men or else it’s a settlement for sure.