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We Are The Wolf Pack

The thing I love the most about us is our bond. I remember when I was pregnant with you at age 16, I imagined the sort of relationship that we’d have and this is way better.

2013-10-03 16.58.36-1

All smiles with you in front of Starbuck’s


First day of school

2013-10-04 08.07.49

In 5th grade you joined the school choir and Lego League. I loved each and every performance and tournament.

2013-10-04 17.58.00

We learned how to multi-task… especially when you started basketball.


2013-10-19 10.15.16

I love it when you’re with me and I’m working. I love it when Denim is there too. You two are like brothers 🙂2013-10-19 16.54.56-2


I love your sense of style.


I love how you cheer me on.


Lego League Finals … Although your team did not win, I love how they really depended on you and you were there for them.


I was so nervous for you. #MamaBear


#Teamwork makes the dream work


We are the Wolf Pack.






Dear Son, I’ll be there to catch you.


Ice Cream on Christmas

Originally posted to Crazy. Beautiful.We. on June 08, 2013

Written by Yonikka

 If it is your life’s mission to be happy, in addition to understanding our lack of the control over things, you’ll also quickly learn that nothing is by coincidence and that everything always flows no matter what. 

Knowing and living these truths are the first steps toward happy. Doing so allows a trust that pushes past all understanding. Paying close attention to any given moment in life will also evidently show how things never happen just by happen stance.

It was summer and oddly I was home alone. Restless, I decided to grab my laptop from downstairs to finish up some work. While in my dining room I could hear the ice cream truck from outside and the music over its loud speaker instantly made me think of my son Jaylen.

It hadn’t even been a full day since he left with his dad to head back to Michigan for summer break but I missed him already. If he were here now he’d come racing through the door from outside to ask for a couple dollars for ice cream.

If he had just gotten allowance he wouldn’t ask me for money at all he’d very hurriedly ask me if I wanted anything from the truck. I’d always say, “no”, “but thank you”, and he’d always say, “ok!” and then hurry out the door.

Only the times when he didn’t have money and it was almost pay day for him (allowance) he’d ask to borrow money but I’d never want it back.

Because the sound of the music made me miss Jaylen, I hurried to grab money from my purse on the kitchen counter to simply enjoy an ice cream cone.

I knew that he’d want me to do that rather than to be sad. Now hearing the music of the ice cream truck quickly fade further down the street I darted to grab a $20 bill from my bag. 

As I headed out of my front door and walked to the end of the driveway I saw the ice cream van rounding the corner now headed toward the street behind my house.

Determined to get an ice cream in the name of Jaylen, I fast walked it past the side of my house and past the homes of the neighbors behind me.

On my way I ran into one of Jaylen’s friends. Remembering the 20 dollars in hand I told him to go get everyone else on that wanted ice cream too, my treat!

When I finally did catch up to the ice cream van I did gain a new found understanding for Jaylen’s excitement, it truly was pure bliss. I enjoyed every minute of choosing. There were all sorts of colorful photos with different ice cream flavors, shapes and sizes to choose from.

I mean, that is how you choose what you want from the ice cream truck, well in this case ice cream van. Anyone that’s anyone knows that the ice cream decision stance is when you stand back, arms folded with the upward stare. Just like the Oscar’s, best picture wins.

As all the other kids gathered to look and choose what they wanted too, I then remembered why I was there in the first place, then asking the woman in the ice cream van if she remembered my son Jaylen.

Unsure and staring at me as if to see him too, she then asked me how old Jaylen was. I replied to her, “ten”. She then looked at me with great surprise because she thought I was one of the kids. Flattered, I replied, “no”, and smiled.

While Jaylen’s friends enjoyed their ice creams, the woman now confused asked where was Jaylen? Saddened by his departure just hours ago, I then explained that he was in Michigan with his father for the summer.

When I said that he was with family she shook her head yes and smiled at me as if it were an affirmation to me that he was absolutely OK. I truly believe that my spirit led me outside for that affirmation, not the actual ice cream itself.

Satisfied in all sides, I then asked the nice woman for my total so that everyone could be on their way, she told me just $14. Seeing that I had extra money left over from the $20 bill, I then asked if she had any potato chips, candy or soda also for sale and she replied,”no but I have biscuits”.

Mistaken that maybe I had misheard her due to her African accent, I asked her could I see what she meant by “biscuits”. When she pulled out an actual pack of cheese crackers, aka “biscuits”, I burst into laughter. I was tickled and she laughed too because I laughed.

All of a sudden the laughter ceased because I began to think in a very rapid fashion. My mouth moving quicker than I could keep up. In total I shared about 10-15 ideas with her about how she could increase her business profits.

She listened to me speak the business and product gospel, still in awe for about five minutes total and while I talked, the children still stood behind me eating the ice cream melting in their hands by then.

I was in a zone, the entrepreneurial one. I wanted to share with her my bigger than biscuits ideas and concepts.

We exchanged contact information and as I walked away from the ice cream van, jingle bells played over the loudspeaker.