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Birthday Treats

A very B.I.G. Thank You to Ms. Alisha Taylor @ Primm Salon for working my bob. 


May 11 … Just 1day until 29.

      I absolutely loved the scalp smoothie and steam treatment.      #Selfie          

May 12 Birthday They had no idea I was coming for breakfast on my day off but they are my family …. who else would I eat with? #Kuzzos  Regan and Lisa #MyWoes  I am such a happy girl! Yes Universe.   Is that thing on?    Laughing out Loud  World’s best busser/server assistant. Funniest too! Martez  Tez and Teanna its #Selfie time  I love it when they call me “Big Poppa” Have you had The Big Poppa @KuzzosChickenandWaffes ? #Birthday #Treat  Ed and I ❤️ 

I love most of all the love I received from my co-workers on my birthday. I had no idea they loved me as much as I do them. 

  OPI A a good Mandarin is hard to find. #SummerShades

  The face you make when you see the note inside the flowers. 

  Thank You Bestie!

  Thank God for Evie! #LauraMercier #Nordstroms #Somerset #Before

  #After #TasteofTheLions

Rider    Dress RVN                                     

  That moment when.. You decide to step out for a moment so you call an Uber Black.       My best friend is the bartender @Theboscoferndale   #BoscoThursdays May 14    Phil and I       May 15 from the trap to the racks. Mission: find something cute to wear. I’m so Forever 21. 

            Bottle Models Anniversary Party. My bestie is a Bottle Modle @BottleModels 💕      Dress x Handbag Forever 21      @whoisyonni: You’ve got to be brutally honest with these men or else it’s a settlement for sure. 


Painting With A Twist – Wicked Moon

As Simple As An Invite

I had no idea what to expect when my sis Mylissa sent the invite for us girls to go and Paint With A Twist. It had truly been a rough holiday for us all with the recent passing of her mom Mrs.Tinsley not even a month prior. With her birthday drawing near and still no solid plans we could all understand her not wanting to do anything to celebrate her birthday although I secretly wished she would. Thank goodness Mylissa listened to her inner voice and at the very last minute decided against a non-celebration.

With the touch of a button a very simple mass text was sent to just a few close family members of her would be birthday plans. Mylissa is a simple girl. It doesn’t take much to please her at all. She is very non confrontational and so not about the drama. She spends her time taking care of her son A.J. and also her Mom before she passed from Pancreatic Cancer. It had been a rough year for us all but especially for her being that she lost her very best friend, her mom.

When asked what would your mom want you to do the answer is always “have the time of your life”. With this in mind, the one thing that Mylissa did want to do for her birthday was Painting with A Twist. Mylissa was a regular at the Farmington Hills location and the Wicked Moon painting was one she had wanted to master for a very long time it was perfect timing.

Painting and Twisting

The only difficulties I ever had was finding a place to park in the plaza because that joint was packed! It was a great thing too because the room was filled with even greater energy and lots of super amazing women. There were helpful staff members there to greet and check me, being the very last one to arrive I really appreciated the fact that everything was already set up for me and that my seat was saved within our group of girls.

My niece and first time expecting mom LaChelle :)
My niece and first time expecting mom LaChelle 🙂

The very last thing I’d ever drawn or painted was in the 5th grade at Hill Elementary and it was of my shoe. My art teacher had us take off our shoe and literally place it on the table to draw. Had I known we were going to do that I’d have worn a pair of my favorite because that shoe was so plain Jane in my opinion. On that day we had just lead pencil to draw with but I sketched my shoe like my life depended on it. I did such a great job that I’d won a place in our school art show and my shoe was put on display and framed the entire year.

Our Wicked Moons coming to life.

Sitting in on Painting With A Twist quickly reminded me of my 5th grade art roots, and rather than feeling intimidated it really boosted my artist ego. For the first time I was fully geared up with easel, brushes, and smock the only thing missing at first was my 5th grade confidence. The art instructor must have been an intuitive and part time motivational speaker because she is the reason why all of our paintings turned out so beautifully. Trust me, the only time you ever feel lost is maybe before you arrive because the instructor really makes the biggest difference.

The room is filled with so much artwork it makes you wonder how in the hell you could you ever paint something so detailed but the instructors there work the rooms full of women taking the time to go over each step with ease and guidance. Our wine breaks and laughs in-between I’m sure helped to channel our inner Van Goughs too.

Have you ever Painted With A Twist?

Painting With A Twist (formerly Corks n Canvas) is the largest employer of aspiring artist in the country. Started in 2007 by Cathy Deano and Renee Maloney in Mandeville, Louisiana, the concept pairs instructional art with friends, wine and a lively instructor to produce individual works of art. With four locations in the Greater New Orleans Area, the company began franchising the business as Painting with a Twist® in 2009.

To date, 185 franchise locations are open all over the country including the one my sister-in-law invited me to for her birthday festivities last December in Farmington Hills, MI. Although I have never met these women I am super grateful for the amazing place of creation they manifested into this world. Our time Painting With A Twist was one of the most memorable moments I’ve ever experienced.

Thank You Mylissa for such an awesome time!
renee-and-cathy-cnc pwt
Founders Renee Maloney and Cathy Deano
Our entire class - Wicked Moon. Farmington Hills, MI. 12/2014
Our entire class – Wicked Moon. Farmington Hills, MI. 12/2014

Painting With A Twist – Farmington Hills Events Valentine’s Day Week

33033 Grand River Ave
Farmington, MI 48336
(248) 476-7928
Located in the TJMaxx & Dress Barn shopping center







Valentines Day

Cake, Lunch, Paint!

Cake Like It’s Your Birthday


The Holiday Market in Royal Oak is a foodie’s paradise. Its like Wholefoods meets mini market. I stopped here to grab cupcakes for my sister in laws birthday.


Also, the hilarious card that I got for her. On the inside it says “Happy Birthday or not”. Lol. Me and my dry humor 🙂

Lunch at Thai Cafe


Lunch with my son Jaylen at Thai Cafe in Royal Oak was awesome as always. We loved the Thai Cafe Noodles all veggies. I am not a fan of baby corn.

Painting with a Twist


Later that night things got wicked! Painting with a Twist that is.


My small white circle and three globs of paint were used to create something extremely amazing.


Stay tuned for more details and an entire post feature about the amazing time I had with my sister in law(s) painting The Wicked Moon.