DLECTRICITY Illuminates Midtown Detroit

“There isn’t a better word to describe Detroit and energy than DLECTRICITY.”


Inspired by Nuit Blanche arts festivals from around the world, DLECTRICITY, Detroit’s newest nighttime festival of art + light, returns this fall to present 35 local, national and international artists whose cutting edge works of art, lighting design and performance will illuminate the historic architecture of Midtown. For two electrifying evenings, Midtown Detroit will be enveloped in a sea of light as a number of artists converge on Detroit to “light up” buildings and city spaces in Midtown using various mediums that meld sci-fi technology with Victorian spectacle on a grand scale.

DLECTRICITY aspires to engage a broad and diverse audience, create a sense of community and be a place for stimulation and discussion about the impact of art on public spaces. Midtown’s Woodward Corridor will be transformed into temporary exhibitions, inviting the public to rediscover these spaces and see them in a new light.

DLECTRICITY Friday, September 26, from 7 pm – 12 am and Saturday, September 27, from 7 pm – 12 am.

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“Mike Teavee: “Am I Coming In Clear?” by D MET Design Elizabeth Skrisson + Joel Schmidt


The flickering glow of television light as seen from outside a neighbors’ window or cast upon the face of an entranced viewer is distinct and familiar. Mike Teavee re-creates the magnetic glow of television in a wide open urban lot at night. Viewed from a distance, the large, luminous, blueish-white screen floats in the darkness, drawing you like a moth to a flame. Up close, get transported into an otherworldly, all-white, TV (stage) set which playfully distorts perspective and scale. Actors / visitors inside the great television will encounter props, hidden entrances, and inclined surfaces. Audiences outside can complete the charades by broadcasting to the world the happenings at Mike Teavee via their Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, making real stars out of pretend actors in a pretend TV. Mike Teavee allows children and kids-at-heart to fulfill the ubiquitous fantasy of being ‘sent by television’. “Hey mom, I said, am I coming in clear?”

@AshaDamo @WhoisYonni @MetroTimes inside #MikeTeavee #Dlectricity


D MET Design Elizabeth Skrisson + Joel Schmidt



Family Fun in Midtown





FLASH was HERE #Dlectricity


“House” by Osman Khan

The results of the mortgage crisis as well as ongoing economic downturns (acutely seen in the loss of neighborhoods of many depressed US towns and cities) highlights the true fragility of that most American of dreams, that of ownership of house and home. The sculpture, in its use of fluorescent glass tube lights as the structural material in the construction of a simple representation of a house, highlights this fragility, an inherently stable construct made from an inherent delicate material, a stones throw from being destroyed.





 Detroit Institute of Arts + Detroit Public Library


Perception is a powerful force. It can sway us to create or to destroy. To enhance or inhibit. To dream and dare or to sit in judgement. We rely on our own perceptions to decide which road to walk down, which path in life to follow. Where do they originate? What influences me one way and you another? Can we look for clues that point us to the origin of these conclusions? How these judgements were formed? What evidence strengthened our resolve? Was it something in particular, or rather, someone? P.O.V. explores these questions by following two characters on a journey through influence, culture, exposure and perspective – telling the same story, from two points of view.


Photos courtesy of Dontae Rockymore and The Metro Times


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