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Sur La Table Cooking Classes: The Art of Cooking

Have you ever taken a cooking class? Do you already know how to cook or at least do you believe that you know how to cook good? Well recently I took a cooking class for the first time and for me it was confirmation of a few things. First, cooking is fun and not scary and second, I really do not know that much about food or the technique of cooking, but that’s ok because knowledge is power.

Cooking for me has always been a monkey see monkey do kind of ritual. I would see my mother and grandmother in the kitchen slaving away all day, especially during holiday times and on Sundays, and then surprise something delicious would be born. I grew to be a hungry woman with child at a young age and so the kitchen was always a favorite place of mine.

Even though everyone always loved the food that I made I was never taught the correct terminology of certain utensils or how to use them. I’ve also recently realized that although I can “throw down” in the kitchen, I still do not have an extensive knowledge when it comes to even the different types of foods there are in the world to cook or the technique behind the art of cooking.


I recently registered for the Vegetarian Holiday Favorites class at Sur La Table located at Somerset Mall in Troy, MI. I signed up online the very same day. I had no idea what to expect from the class to be quite honest. Partially because I am not a vegetarian and I don’t have many meals without some sort of meat, I love meat. The motivation behind my curiosity was the fact that my boyfriend also known as the love of my life was teaching the class.  I signed up for the class mostly because I wanted to go and support him, I believe that support is priceless.

What I loved about attending this cooking class was the fact that we were a small intimate group (about 16 total), everyone was very social and friendly it seems like food just does that to you. The intimacy behind cooking with your bare hands and then sharing with others next to you to try a bite, cutting a piece of cheese, having an extra slice, and breaking it up in bits for your fellow chef partners to also try. The exchange from bare hand to mouth and the trust behind it is what I love about cooking and being intimate with perfect strangers. Also what I love is the act of eating the meal that you’ve prepared especially in a group setting.


For dinner we made Kale and Wild Rice Salad with Cranberries, Pecans, and Blue Cheese. Cauliflower and Melted Leek Gratin with Gruyere and Creamy Polenta with Wild Mushroom Ragu. My favorite was the Roasted Squash Bread Pudding with Spinach. We used a bench scraper, a vegetable peeler, a box grater, an apple corker, a garlic roller, a colander, a whisk, metal and silicone spatulas, and a slotted spoon among other things. All the food we cooked and ate greatly exceeded all of my expectations.


Roasted Squash Bread Pudding

I truly enjoyed being a student in this class. I even learned new terminology for cooking like “blanching” which is basically taking a food like french fries or green beans, and pre-cooking them so that when you actually do need them for a meal it doesn’t take long to prepare. You can even store these items in the freezer for later use. The process of blanching involves submerging the food in boiling water for a brief time interval and then shocking it by placing it in ice cold water. Chef K taught us that most restaurants use this technique to save their ticket times (time frame of order to food delivery).


Our ticket times in class were of course superb especially with the help of all three kitchen assistance. Each time I tried to clean up my own mess someone was there to do it for me. Someone was also always there to refill my water glass. The fruit diffuser water pitcher was simply amazing and I couldn’t describe the feeling I had when the very nice gentleman in the store brewed me a fresh cup of caramel coffee from the Nespresso machine during our break.


In the cooking class at Sur La Table I made new friends immediately and I hated to leave them all so soon. What began as a simple idea turned into the highlight of my day. Although I went solo, I highly recommend taking a cooking class at Sur La Table with a friend, relative, mate, or anyone special. It’s a bonding experience that leads to more than just cooking. Creating any meal is an art, one that can be taught and appreciated if the instructor is passionate and the student is ready..

Chef K instructing Laura and Janine at Sur La Table
Janine and I taking a moment for a selfie
A cooking class inside of a store is dangerous! lol So many amazing gadgets.
Chef K instructing our class at Sur La Table
Kale Salad w/ apples, cranberries, and walnuts
Selfie with my classmates
Kiss the Chef !
Vegetarian Holiday Favorites

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Auto Pilot- NAIAS 2015



NAIF Sweater Forever 21

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Lip Gloss Bobbi Brown 

Fannie Pack Uber

Hair Paralee Boyd Salon

North American International Auto Show

Cobo Center Detroit, MI 01/25/2015

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Get Your Billion Back America

The Universe and All That it has for Me

So I put it out there .. that I wanted to try something new and earn more money to fund my dream (YKBEADS). Who would have known that it would have brought me this far? Last month, with all of my good intent and positive energy, I sent a self made audition tape over to The Lucas Firm and landed a part in a comedic commercial series for H&R Block franchisee Charles Buck.

Is This Someone You Know?

For their latest project,  a series of comedic income tax commercials were filmed called, “Is This Someone You Know?”, where I played single mother LaKeisha. The hilarious video series puts a spin yet much needed light humor and dash of seriousness on the many different  income tax situations Black Americans are dealing with today.

I had absolutely no problem playing single mom LaKeisha, hell I’d been there before. She was busy raising her son alone in Detroit and paying the bills. She wanted the H&R Block Emerald Advance during the holidays so that she could buy her son Julian everything he wanted for Christmas as any mother would.

She spent all of her time working multiple entrepreneurial business ventures and taking care of her son Julian. LaKeisha went to Charles Buck’s H&R Block early in December and was happy to tell the world about her story.

LaKeisha Went to H&R Block for That Emerald Advance

LaKeisha is someone you know. A busy body energy filled beginner entrepreneur. She needed Charles to explain to her that not only could he give her a portion of her income tax refund early with the Emerald Advance, but that she was more than entitled to receive it, being that she worked hard all year.

The video series directed by Shalece Daniels, President and Founder of The Lucas Firm, includes a look into various personalities and income tax filing situations in a very easy to watch question -answer format.

Part One of the commercials show the actors in their natural habitats revealing how they really feel about filing taxes, while Part Two includes franchisee Charles Buck explaining to his new clients how important it is for them to file, as well as diffusing the infamous tax time myths with an informative group meeting .

Encrypt? What’s That A Gang?

Charles Buck explains Tax Options to Single Mom, LaKeisha

Intro to Charles Buck’s H&R Block Video Series

Darnel, Recent Graduate (Will probably have his taxes prepared at H&R Block soon)

Charles Buck talks to The McClains about tax credits with a college-aged dependent.

Charles addresses Jason, Darnel’s friend

Meet Rob, the Barber

Proof of Synchronicity 

My number one goal and purpose is to live and show others how to trust in the power of the mind, manifestation, and dreams come true. Turns out my role in that same commercial filmed last month also landed me an amazing job as the administrative assistant and office coordinator for Mr. Buck’s 7 metro Detroit and SE Michigan locations and over 50 employees. OMG.

My most recent duties: Office Coordinator for C.Buck H&R Block 7 Metro-Detroit Locations.
Richard I've got this.
Richard I’ve got this.
Jaylen spent this snow day with me working on his project.
Jaylen, my real life Julian spent this snow day with me working on his school project.
No Richard.. Jaylen's got this.
No Richard.. Jaylen’s got this.
Next day .. Pre-Season Tax Meeting. Bathroom #Selfie for the pretty admin lady :)
Next day .. Pre-Season Tax Meeting. Bathroom #Selfie for the pretty admin lady 🙂
My Boss. The Crew.  #DetroitGetsItDone
My Boss. The Crew.

Get Your Billion Back America. Your billion dreams and your billion purposes. I am apart of something bigger than me and so are you.


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Cake, Lunch, Paint!

Cake Like It’s Your Birthday


The Holiday Market in Royal Oak is a foodie’s paradise. Its like Wholefoods meets mini market. I stopped here to grab cupcakes for my sister in laws birthday.


Also, the hilarious card that I got for her. On the inside it says “Happy Birthday or not”. Lol. Me and my dry humor 🙂

Lunch at Thai Cafe


Lunch with my son Jaylen at Thai Cafe in Royal Oak was awesome as always. We loved the Thai Cafe Noodles all veggies. I am not a fan of baby corn.

Painting with a Twist


Later that night things got wicked! Painting with a Twist that is.


My small white circle and three globs of paint were used to create something extremely amazing.


Stay tuned for more details and an entire post feature about the amazing time I had with my sister in law(s) painting The Wicked Moon.

We Are The Wolf Pack

The thing I love the most about us is our bond. I remember when I was pregnant with you at age 16, I imagined the sort of relationship that we’d have and this is way better.

2013-10-03 16.58.36-1

All smiles with you in front of Starbuck’s


First day of school

2013-10-04 08.07.49

In 5th grade you joined the school choir and Lego League. I loved each and every performance and tournament.

2013-10-04 17.58.00

We learned how to multi-task… especially when you started basketball.


2013-10-19 10.15.16

I love it when you’re with me and I’m working. I love it when Denim is there too. You two are like brothers 🙂2013-10-19 16.54.56-2


I love your sense of style.


I love how you cheer me on.


Lego League Finals … Although your team did not win, I love how they really depended on you and you were there for them.


I was so nervous for you. #MamaBear


#Teamwork makes the dream work


We are the Wolf Pack.






Dear Son, I’ll be there to catch you.