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Paralee Boyd Salon

It was Monday morning in Detroit and I needed my hair done asap. I am not the girl that commits to just one stylist, my hair motto good looks and great health. Hairstyling is an art form to me, I love experimenting and most of all I love the experience.

My hair-limma, I did not want to call around to book an appointment, that in itself is a process and in the hair world anything less than a few days notice is considered last minute and extra tip worthy. I thought immediately. Go Dominican.

In Atlanta authentic Dominican Salons are notorious for their affordable wash and go, quick in and out, and signature blow out styling, curling any grade of hair with blow dryer and brush alone. In Detroit, I became determined to find the very best Dominican Salon to tame my natural hair now growing like wildfire.

After Googling “Dominican Salons Detroit” I came across only one that met all my needs, Paralee Boyd Salon in Southfield, MI.


When I called, surprisingly I was greeted over the phone by salon Owner Dana. She was very pleasant and explained their walk-in only policy which I loved, also the fact that they are open 7 days a week. This already to me was an amazing sign. Most Dominican Salons are Spanish speaking only establishments which creates a huge language barrier. Contrary, some may feel Paralee Boyd not authentic enough because English is the language, but this was not the case.


Once I arrived, Dana also explained the difference between a traditional Dominican Blow-Out, described above, and a Blow and Go, which uses a flat iron or curling tools to assist in styling rather than blow dryer and brush alone. She educated me, that the Blow and Go is used to train the hair and the traditional Blow Out can be done once the hair has learned its lesson (usually after a few visits).


I was washed and given a protein treatment to strengthen my hair. The salon was very peaceful on this day. The music played house music just at the right volume and the walls painted a calming blue. After just a few minutes under the dryer I was rinsed again and blow dried by my stylist.



Moments later, I was then styled by stylist number 2. She asked how I wanted it curled, I said just curly and full. She asked where I’d like my part, I told her that I was not particular, allowing her to do her thing.


I came and went in a hurry but I absolutely hands down, L-O-V-E my hair! I recommend this salon to anyone living or visiting the Metro-Detroit area. The cost of styling is about $35-$40 and you are in and out in about an hour and a half. Paralee Boyd Salon is open 7 days a week and takes walk-ins only.

The Dominican way of doing hair has been around for years and my sisters are just starting to catch on. In my opinion the days of depending on hair weaves for growth is over, right along with short unmanageable hair and 8 hour salon visits.


Yonni Sent You
Paralee Boyd Salon
29555 Northwestern Hwy.
Southfield, MI 48034
Instagram/Twitter @ParaleeBoydSalon


A Stress Free Answer For Natural Or Relaxed Hair: Chevelure by MiMi Review

What if I told you that I’ve found the holy grail equivalent to everything sweet, sultry, nourishing, and strengthening inside of a shampoo bottle? What if I also told you that this magnificent products root seed is from the motherland of Guinea and is available right here in the states?


Women everywhere are dumping their big name, sulfate filled shampoo bottles for something a little more all natural and 100% real. With tons of hair care products out there to choose from, it’s important as consumers to know what kind of scalp treatment you are really receiving. 

Standing in front of the aisles does build up the pressure to choose but does a pretty label always mean beautiful results? Are products available over the counter the best suited for the job?

If you are like me then you are almost always experimenting with styles somewhere in-between natural hair care and those needing touch up relaxers. Braids and short trims, I’ve had my fair share too. I can never quite decide exactly how I want my hair except for in the moment of the style.

20140723-124818-46098581.jpgWith my on the go lifestyle, I’m the kind of woman that requires the freedom to style my hair however I want. I also require the kind of hair care product that nourishes and moisturizes my scalp without weighing it down and is completely stress free and that is why I love Chevelure by MiMi hair care products.


As a new wife and always hip mom, I now often find myself in the men’s and little boys aisles to see what hair care products they have for my guys. I’ve found that there isn’t much to choose from when it comes to all organic and safe for all. Choices include either grabbing a shampoo bottle from the local Walmart or Beauty Supply on a trip for myself or lending my shampoo/conditioner bottles and sweet smelling scalp oils to them too. I definitely don’t mind sharing but I would rather a hair care system that I know works great for everyone.


Chevelure, from Old French chevelëure, meaning head full of hair, is the root name behind the brand Chevelure by MiMi, founded by Emilie Doumbouya-Hill. Better known to her loved ones as MiMi, she has created the perfect natural solution for healthy, tangle-free, and easy-to-manage hair.

I fell in love when I was introduced to ChevelurebyMiMi products. The simple 3 step strengthening shampoo and conditioner system grows hair beautifully with continued use and is safe for the entire family. Chevelure by MiMi contains only the most natural ingredients. The strengthening shampoo made with ginger root, olive oil, aloe vera, rosemary and tea tree to moisturize and nourish the scalp.


The Peppermint Tea Tree Scalp Treatment Oil is my absolute favorite during the week scalp moisturizer. It’s light, keeps my scalp nourished, and smells delicious. It helps relieve itchy, dry scalp. Stops flaking and soothes dry, brittle hair. Normalizes and balances scalp moisture levels for lasting comfort and soft touchable hair and is infused with peppermint, tea tree, rosemary and vitamin E.


With the use of Chevelure sulfate-free products my hair grows thicker, fuller, longer and is easily manageable. Whether I want to wear it naturally curly-froish, or I decide to use a relaxer and wear it sleek, it is always my choice.

Since using Chevelure by MiMi, my hair is stronger from the root and is no longer brittle or weak. I’ve saw instant results after just one use. I use and recommend Chevelure by MiMi products to all of my friends and my entire family uses Chevelure now too. Because of the all natural ingredients Chevelure is even safe to use for all ethnicities and ages.

 If your style is ever so changing, you are somewhere in between too, or you need something safe, organic and little all natural for the entire family to use… Chevelure by MiMi is for you.


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