Paralee Boyd Salon

It was Monday morning in Detroit and I needed my hair done asap. I am not the girl that commits to just one stylist, my hair motto good looks and great health. Hairstyling is an art form to me, I love experimenting and most of all I love the experience.

My hair-limma, I did not want to call around to book an appointment, that in itself is a process and in the hair world anything less than a few days notice is considered last minute and extra tip worthy. I thought immediately. Go Dominican.

In Atlanta authentic Dominican Salons are notorious for their affordable wash and go, quick in and out, and signature blow out styling, curling any grade of hair with blow dryer and brush alone. In Detroit, I became determined to find the very best Dominican Salon to tame my natural hair now growing like wildfire.

After Googling “Dominican Salons Detroit” I came across only one that met all my needs, Paralee Boyd Salon in Southfield, MI.


When I called, surprisingly I was greeted over the phone by salon Owner Dana. She was very pleasant and explained their walk-in only policy which I loved, also the fact that they are open 7 days a week. This already to me was an amazing sign. Most Dominican Salons are Spanish speaking only establishments which creates a huge language barrier. Contrary, some may feel Paralee Boyd not authentic enough because English is the language, but this was not the case.


Once I arrived, Dana also explained the difference between a traditional Dominican Blow-Out, described above, and a Blow and Go, which uses a flat iron or curling tools to assist in styling rather than blow dryer and brush alone. She educated me, that the Blow and Go is used to train the hair and the traditional Blow Out can be done once the hair has learned its lesson (usually after a few visits).


I was washed and given a protein treatment to strengthen my hair. The salon was very peaceful on this day. The music played house music just at the right volume and the walls painted a calming blue. After just a few minutes under the dryer I was rinsed again and blow dried by my stylist.



Moments later, I was then styled by stylist number 2. She asked how I wanted it curled, I said just curly and full. She asked where I’d like my part, I told her that I was not particular, allowing her to do her thing.


I came and went in a hurry but I absolutely hands down, L-O-V-E my hair! I recommend this salon to anyone living or visiting the Metro-Detroit area. The cost of styling is about $35-$40 and you are in and out in about an hour and a half. Paralee Boyd Salon is open 7 days a week and takes walk-ins only.

The Dominican way of doing hair has been around for years and my sisters are just starting to catch on. In my opinion the days of depending on hair weaves for growth is over, right along with short unmanageable hair and 8 hour salon visits.


Yonni Sent You
Paralee Boyd Salon
29555 Northwestern Hwy.
Southfield, MI 48034
Instagram/Twitter @ParaleeBoydSalon


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