Cake, Lunch, Paint!

CakeΒ Like It’s Your Birthday


The Holiday Market in Royal Oak is a foodie’s paradise. Its like Wholefoods meets mini market. I stopped here to grab cupcakes for my sister in laws birthday.


Also, the hilarious card that I got for her. On the inside it says “Happy Birthday or not”. Lol. Me and my dry humor πŸ™‚

Lunch at Thai Cafe


Lunch with my son Jaylen at Thai Cafe in Royal Oak was awesome as always. We loved the Thai Cafe Noodles all veggies. I am not a fan of baby corn.

Painting with a Twist


Later that night things got wicked! Painting with a Twist that is.


My small white circle and three globs of paint were used to create something extremely amazing.


Stay tuned for more details and an entire post feature about the amazing time I had with my sister in law(s) painting The Wicked Moon.


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