Fall in Love with YKBEADS

The most amazing things about YKBEADS jewelry is the fact that they are all uniquely beautiful, all handmade in the USA, all organic and 100% one of a kind. The point is to collect-them-all, only if you get to them first, and in my opinion, it’s way better than that beanie baby phase America went through. I also love to see how YKBEADS lovers put their own spin and style into it when rocking with the best.


My style is very Bohemian-isc so go figure that Little 5 Points is one of my favorite shoots to date. Here I am wearing stacks of YKBEADS bracelets on both arms, Aztec leggings, white Celine hoodie, neon brightening sweater (YKBEADS Clothes) and fringe moccasin boots by Minnetonka.


Little 5 Points, located near downtown Atlanta, is a very eclectic part of town to say the least. There are interesting shops, restaurants and people all around, I even use to work at a little spot called Front Page News. I loved running into the group of people on the street during this particular shoot. I loved telling them about my jewelry and I also loved giving the energy away to them. I’m all about the magic and n’sync-ness.


Mural wall


Model Indigo and I in front of the Rag-O-Rama.


My son Jaylen photo-bombed us… the dog did too.


Look up say cheese! #candids

Fall in love with the beads.

For one of a kind Holiday gifts – Shop online www.ykbeads.com

Photo credit: Sydney Foster Infinite Photography


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