Fake People

My thoughts are .. No one can ever “use you”. We humans have one super power that belongs to no other being or thing called consciousness. Consciousness is the one and only big vibrational signal that we are in charge of. The vibes we give off are what attract other people, places and things to us. Sometimes these people, places and things are a perfect match and sometimes it doesn’t work out but never is it a waste of time or by chance or coincidence. Consider it all apart of your journey even if someone else’s intentions were different than yours. Thank the universe for this gift too.

Alone in USA

I knew this moment will come one day. So many good things has happened to me and I had so much fun that it was unreal. To earn my trust is a really hard thing. I’m open and honest to everyone but I select the people really carefully who I let close to me.

I got really disappointed today when I found out, someone who was supposedly one of my best friends is just using me. I’m not sure if it makes sense in english to say “someone is using someone” but basically what I’m trying to say is when a person is only friends with someone to use him to achieve something. These are not real friends. I experienced this today but I don’t want to get into details about what happened exactly.

I’m a little disappointed but I don’t really care honestly. It’s kinda my fault too because…

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