Sprite P.O.U.R. Reports YKBEADS

imageWhen you think of Sprite you think of a brand that is timeless yet ever evolving, especially in the urban community. P.O.U.R. was created by Sprite in efforts to spotlight real people with real talent and influence within the urban communities.

P.O.U.R. Kicked off its campaign last Fall in Atlanta. Not only was I thrilled to let Sprite P.O.U.R. into the YKBEADS warehouse in Atlanta, I felt honored to be named Purveyor. Of. Urban. Reality.
imageSprite, known for its endorsement deals with basketball star Lebron James and Hip-Hop artist Drake, chose me, Miss Yonni of YKBEADS to share my story and inspire the world.
The entire experience was truly amazing. During my interview with Kayla, I share with her my story of determination and perseverance, moving from Detroit to Atlanta at the young age of 21 with my then 4 year old son.
“Fast forward into the next 5-6 years and YKBEADS will have flagship stores I’m sure”, I told Kayla Marie, seen here creating her very own custom YKBEADS bracelet in the YKBEADS Atlanta warehouse. The synergy is real. 20140624-211437-76477555.jpg
Moonstone YKBEADS Bracelets and Crystal necklace I made and wore especially for the Sprite P.O.U.R. Open Studio Party.

Reporter Kayla Marie, myself, and fellow P.O.U.R. Featured artist Designer Natt Taylor.

Natt Taylor gifted me a one of her beautiful tees and I gifted her one half of my moonstone pair.

The homie Dj Don Cannon rocked the house




Watch the video above for the exclusive Sprite P.O.U.R. Interview with me, Miss Yonni of YKBEADS.
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