Everyday with YKBEADS

What’s a day without YKBEADS?
I honestly couldn’t tell you. I’ve been wearing my YKBEADS Healing Energy Jewelry for years now and one thing it does for sure is keep the positive energy and good vibes around.
YKBEADS Healing Energy Jewelry are very beautiful to the eye but what many don’t know is that I’m wearing my well-being on my sleeve.

Each day I wear my YKBEADS, I feel great knowing that my jewelry is giving of energy. Even on days I am unsure, my YKBEADS help me to focus, manifest, create and conquer the day.

YKBEADS Jewelry also heals my body by balancing my chakras (energy zones) within the body, ultimately increasing vibration from the inside of my body out. High vibration = health and low vibration = where sickness can live.

YKBEADS Jewelry recharges and renews energy from the sun. Your body, a natural energy generator receives this healthy donation direct from your jewelry. Natural magnets used in YKBEADS Jewelry like hematite work amazing with protection of your bodies aura, energy, and mental focus. Hematites healing properties include reducing fever, eliminating migraines, healing of fractures and it also works extremely well for those suffering from arthritis.

Whether you are looking to customize a piece of jewelry for a very important time in your life, break through, a new project, in need of overall healing… YKBEADS Jewelry is truly for everyone. Even if you are captured by its beauty, chances are there is a stone in it for you.

Left 2 Right
Onyx Classic – Pink Coral Power Stone
Clear Crystal Quartz – All Seeing Owl
Lava Power Pyrite Blend- Hematite Cross/ Evil Eye Protection Stone




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Handmade 1 of a Kind.
Made in the USA.
Made by Healing Hands.
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