Creating A Brand of Influence

YKBEADS Organic Healing Energy Jewelry Co. was founded just three short years ago in the summer of 2011 while living in Atlanta during a time in my life when I needed an abundance of healing energy. Little did I know, what  began as a path toward my own self discovery, was in fact the creation of a major influential brand.
imageMy life long love for fashion was an added plus to my biology-psychology college background. At the time, I couldn’t foresee my company me being a senior full-time college student and then single parent in a city not my own . Looking back now I applaud the drive I had and the nerve, working during class hours from my cell always sending emails to then customers during class lectures at Georgia State University.


I had the beads on my mind 24/7 and I fell into the healing crystals by way of divine path and persistency. I’ve always loved science and psychology, I even started college in 2004 as a pre-med student. It wasn’t until I I began creating and mixing the stones for my own healing and energy that YKBEADS was born. It turns out that in searching for my savior, I found an unlimited source of well being and goodness in return.

I felt empowered while wearing my jewelry and became infatuated with the way the stones healed. From then on I worked persistently giving away jewelry, always advertising and passing my work on to whomever I could. I knew what I’d created was rare and that the world had to have their own YKBEADS Jewelry, even if only to remind them of their own superpowers too.

imageIn any business adventure, especially the creation of a new product, it is very important to stay at it and stick with it. You may not always be able to acquire a business loan or borrow money from family. Once I decided that I wanted to continue designing jewelry for a living, with very low start up funds  began frequenting the local bead stores in Atlanta weekly. I would purchase my own crystal strands, accents and charms, creating different blends of jewelry with the extra cash from my then bottle service cocktail waitress jobs in Atlanta.

I never wanted to leave my jewelry at home, I knew I was a human billboard. I would wear my own jewelry everyday to college, work or wherever I went, switching and changing my styles based on mood or how I wanted to feel, or what I wanted to attract at the time, even wearing a yellow citrine crystal bracelet called “The Merchant’s Stone”, to help attract business for myself which I still wear daily now.

imageEverywhere I went someone would ask me about YKBEADS, either how they worked or what they were. The more jewelry I made, I began to develop my style over time which allowed me to learn my clients too. Some of my clients loved my jewelry designs while others bought just for the healing aspects.  By word of mouth and social media I was able to build a huge portfolio of clientele. As much as I hated the long hours at the clubs on the weekends, I also credit the universe for placing me in such a busy atmosphere.  The customers and celebs that would frequent the night clubs I served at during the time played a huge role in the spread of YKBEADS as well.

imageI was already using social media at the time to promote sales at the night clubs I worked at. I would use channels like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter to pre-book tables or let my regulars know what was happening in the city for the week. It was only a matter of time before I began posting my own jewelry to my pages as well, explaining the healing aspects to whoever would see.

With the use of both social media, consistency and placement, the word about YKBEADS soon spread fast. I even sold jewelry at the clubs some nights leaving with more cash from crystals than bottle sales.

imageAt the very heart of my journey was a want for more from within myself in exchange for a  service and gift of healing energy I owed first to myself and then to the world. In understanding the spiritual world, and the power of energy healing, I was able to find true purpose and happiness from within. That is usually how it happens… Dreams that is.



Special Thank You to my photographer Sydney Foster @SydTheeGreat and Model Flash @OopsImIndigo #DreamTeam

Photo credit:  @atlpics


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