New Kid’s On The Block: Kuzzo’s Chicken and Waffles Detroit

Kuzzo’s Chicken and Waffles puts good vibes and great food in the atmosphere as the newest addition to the Livernois Corridor on Detroit’s northwest side. Situated in the heart of Fashion Ave, Kuzzo’s Chicken and Waffles is the official new kid’s on the block and rightfully so.

Kuzzo’s Chicken and Waffles January 27th 2015. 19345 Livernois Ave. Detroit, MI.

After months of building and planning Detroit native and former Detroit Lion’s player Ron Bartell finally opened the doors to Kuzzo’s on January 27th for a soft opening. Now, just one month in arrival before 10 am or earlier is a must if you don’t plan to wait before you are able to have a seat and enjoy the Bartell family’s infamous cinnamon buttermilk waffles.

Kuzzo’s Chicken and Waffles main dining room.

The menu an ode to true Detroit natives with combination platters of popular slang like the ‘Trey-Deuce” or the ‘What Up Doe’ featuring your choice of 3pcs fried chicken, signature buttermilk waffles, cheese eggs and grits. Everything at Kuzzo’s is fresh being a true scratch kitchen. What’s better than Blue Kool-aide or Homemade Lemonade to wash it all down with?

Enjoying a mason jar full of the Blue Kool-Aide and the What Up Doe combo #1 at Kuzzo’s Chicken and Waffles Detroit.

The name Kuzzo is a play on a term of endearment. It’s meant for anyone who’s a friend, family member or someone from a similar culture. Kuzzo’s restaurant lives up to it’s name in every essence. From the moment that you enter Kuzzo’s Detroit, you can’t help but feel the energy of right at home.

At Kuzzo’s everyone is family and the vibes are so good that you may just want to sit and stay a while. In the corner by the bar you may catch an episode of Girlfriend’s playing on TVOne or in the main dining room a group of hipster’s sitting next to a grandmother and her crew of ladies enjoying a Tender Love and a cup of freshly brewed Michigan Great Lakes coffee.


If you are the one to enjoy the moment perhaps sit and stare out of the glass windows a bit you may notice that Kuzzo’s Chicken and Waffles is the first of many new buildings and businesses to the Avenue of Fashion. A historic shopping district full of many African American owned small businesses. The new kid’s on the block brought a new energy and this is only the beginning.

Eat @KuzzosChickenandWaffles

19345 Livernois Ave. Detroit, MI 48221



Large Parties Welcome

Parking on street or at Mike’s Market 1 block South of Kuzzo’s

Accepts Cash or Credit/Debit


Hours of Operation

01/27/15- 03/03/15

Tuesday-Sunday 8 a.m. – 2 p. m.

Beginning March 3, 2015

8 a.m. – 9 p.m. Tues-Thurs

8 a. m. – 10 p. m.Fri-Sat

8 a.m. – 6 p.m. Sun

Closed Monday

Seeing ‘Selma': Who is Annie Lee?

Added to my new list of favorite movies is, ‘Selma the story of the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King’s march from Selma, Alabama to the state capital, Montgomery, to bring attention to the barriers the Southern states were using to prevent black citizens from registering to vote.

Dr. King had the world in his vortex during the Civil Rights Movement and among those participant souls was a Miss Annie Lee Cooper. After watching this film I became infatuated with Annie Lee Cooper the woman our many similarities and our slight differences in time.

She became known in history as the woman who hit Selma’s Sheriff Clark but there is more to her story than just the energy she mustered in order to defend herself.

Denied More Than Some

One of the very first scenes in the film Selma is surely a favorite of mine and it is when Annie Lee Cooper, played by Oprah Winfrey attempts to register to vote alone and is denied after a circus like round of questions asked of her by the white registrar.

Fast forward to a few scenes ahead in Selma during Dr. King’s attempt to register multiple African American voters Annie Lee included, outside of the Dallas County Courthouse.

It is during this scene that Annie Lee Cooper was actually struck by Selma’s Sheriff Clark. In the brief moment of disbelief, it’s almost as if everyone who’d seen The Color Purple just knew that Oprah’s character in this film was sure to hit the sheriff back, and of course she did.

Who is Annie Lee?

Born in Selma, Alabama on June 2, 1910, one of ten children of Lucy Jones and Charles Wilkerson Sr.  A seventh grade drop out  Annie Lee left Selma, Alabama at a young age to live with her older sister in Kentucky.

Facts You Should Know 

1. Annie Lee’s mom lived to be 106 years old and it was her own dream to simply live a long life.

2. Annie Lee registered to vote in both Kentucky, Ohio and Pennsylvania successfully before being denied more than 3 times in Selma, AL.

3. Annie Lee turned 100 years old on June 2, 2010.

4. Annie Lee initially moved back to Selma, AL in 1962 to care for her elderly mother.

5. Upon registering to vote successfully in Selma, AL Annie Lee was fired from her job at an elderly home and worked as a motel clerk.

6. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. did not encourage violence but in a rare occurrence gave a special speech hours after Sheriff Clark and Annie Lee “got into it”, siding with Lee stating that she was provoked by the sheriff.

7. Annie Cooper Avenue runs off Division Street in East Selma, where she had lived.

8. Annie Lee was an entrepreneur owning the only Black owned restaurant in Pennsylvania at the time.

9. Annie Lee knocked sheriff Clarke out.

10. Annie Lee loved watching The Oprah Winfrey Show.

Read more:

Annie Lee Votes  

While away from Selma, AL Annie Lee earned her high school diploma while going to school at night and had also became an entrepreneur owning a restaurant, the only black one in town while she lived in Pennsylvania. She says no matter where she lived she always registered to vote first and that it was very important to her.

She explains in an article celebrating her 100th birthday titled, Woman known for run-in with sheriff turns 100 Today, two decades before the incident in Selma, a white man in Pennsylvania wanted to sublease a building where she had rented for her restaurant but he did not want her serving black patrons on his side.

Cooper States: “A white man wanted to sublease half of the building that I had been renting for my restaurant and told me to make sure that no black people would try to eat on his side,” she said. She said she quickly informed him that “I had the only black restaurant in town, and I wouldn’t discriminate against anybody. I turned him down.”

Shits Shaking in Selma

It is upon her move back home to take care of her elderly mother in 1962 that she got heavily involved in the Selma Voting Rights Movement as it was just taking shape. It is in late January 1965 that Cooper stood in line for hours outside the Dallas County Courthouse with Dr. King to register to vote after being denied more than three times.

That’s when she and Dallas County’s segregationist sheriff got into it on the sidewalk outside the courthouse where black residents tried to register to vote and were rebuffed by white officials. When it was over, Cooper was handcuffed and in custody. Sheriff Jim Clark claimed she slugged him. She said he hit her. “I was just standing there when his deputies told a man with us to move, and when he didn’t, they tried to kick him,” Cooper said last week. “That’s when (Clark) and I got into it.”Cooper was charged with “criminal provocation” and taken to the county jail, where she stayed until 11 p.m. that day.She said the charge eventually was dropped.

Historian David J. Garrow tells the story in his book, “Martin Luther King, Jr. and the Voting Rights Act of 1965,” which was released in the 1970s by Yale University Press.  According to Garrow’s documented version, Cooper had stood in line for hours outside the Dallas County Courthouse to register to vote. Clark ordered the 224-pound, 54-year-old African-American woman to go home. Cooper claimed he poked her in the back of the neck with either a billy club or a cattle prod. Cooper turned and delivered a right hook to the sheriff’s jaw. He dropped to the ground.

John Lewis, who later would become a Congressman, said at the time, “Clark whacked her so hard we could hear the sound several rows back.” Deputies wrestled Cooper down on the ground, arrested her, charged her with assault, and attempted murder. Newspapers from the time said she was detained in jail for 11 hours. Sheriff’s deputies released her because they were afraid Clark would come back in and beat her. As she sat in jail, Martin Luther King Jr. made a historic speech in Brown Chapel.

Here’s what Dr. King said about Annie Lee:

“This is what happened today: Mrs. Cooper was down in that line, and they haven’t told the press the truth about it. Mrs. Cooper wouldn’t have turned around and hit Sheriff Clark just to be hitting. And of course, as you know, we teach a philosophy of not retaliating and not hitting back, but the truth of the situation is that Mrs. Cooper, if she did anything, was provoked by Sheriff Clark. At that moment, he was engaging in some very ugly business-as-usual action. This is what brought about that scene there.”

Read more: Sources:Wikipedia, Montgomery AdvisorSelma Times-Journal

Seeing Selma with Hope Academy

Seeing Selma with Hope Academy was the best gift ever. The children are beautiful in every way imaginable. I loved that before the movie on the way to the Star theatre the entire group of Hope Academy students had a round of questions given by the instructors that had to be answered after watching the film.My son’s teacher Ms. Wade prepped us on the bus and during the film even I was trying to get the answers right, sitting next to my son Jaylen definitely helped.

I am grateful to Hope Academy, Ms. Wade and the students for being so welcoming to my presence. I enjoyed every moment of the film and most of all I loved such great company.

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Auto Pilot- NAIAS 2015



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North American International Auto Show

Cobo Center Detroit, MI 01/25/2015

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Kwong Tung Inn

3040 East 8 Mile Road, Detroit, MI ‎
(313) 891-0030 ‎


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Get Your Billion Back America

The Universe and All That it has for Me

So I put it out there .. that I wanted to try something new and earn more money to fund my dream (YKBEADS). Who would have known that it would have brought me this far? Last month, with all of my good intent and positive energy, I sent a self made audition tape over to The Lucas Firm and landed a part in a comedic commercial series for H&R Block franchisee Charles Buck.

Is This Someone You Know?

For their latest project,  a series of comedic income tax commercials were filmed called, “Is This Someone You Know?”, where I played single mother LaKeisha. The hilarious video series puts a spin yet much needed light humor and dash of seriousness on the many different  income tax situations Black Americans are dealing with today.

I had absolutely no problem playing single mom LaKeisha, hell I’d been there before. She was busy raising her son alone in Detroit and paying the bills. She wanted the H&R Block Emerald Advance during the holidays so that she could buy her son Julian everything he wanted for Christmas as any mother would.

She spent all of her time working multiple entrepreneurial business ventures and taking care of her son Julian. LaKeisha went to Charles Buck’s H&R Block early in December and was happy to tell the world about her story.

LaKeisha Went to H&R Block for That Emerald Advance

LaKeisha is someone you know. A busy body energy filled beginner entrepreneur. She needed Charles to explain to her that not only could he give her a portion of her income tax refund early with the Emerald Advance, but that she was more than entitled to receive it, being that she worked hard all year.

The video series directed by Shalece Daniels, President and Founder of The Lucas Firm, includes a look into various personalities and income tax filing situations in a very easy to watch question -answer format.

Part One of the commercials show the actors in their natural habitats revealing how they really feel about filing taxes, while Part Two includes franchisee Charles Buck explaining to his new clients how important it is for them to file, as well as diffusing the infamous tax time myths with an informative group meeting .

Encrypt? What’s That A Gang?

Charles Buck explains Tax Options to Single Mom, LaKeisha

Intro to Charles Buck’s H&R Block Video Series

Darnel, Recent Graduate (Will probably have his taxes prepared at H&R Block soon)

Charles Buck talks to The McClains about tax credits with a college-aged dependent.

Charles addresses Jason, Darnel’s friend

Meet Rob, the Barber

Proof of Synchronicity 

My number one goal and purpose is to live and show others how to trust in the power of the mind, manifestation, and dreams come true. Turns out my role in that same commercial filmed last month also landed me an amazing job as the administrative assistant and office coordinator for Mr. Buck’s 7 metro Detroit and SE Michigan locations and over 50 employees. OMG.

My most recent duties: Office Coordinator for C.Buck H&R Block 7 Metro-Detroit Locations.
Richard I've got this.
Richard I’ve got this.
Jaylen spent this snow day with me working on his project.
Jaylen, my real life Julian spent this snow day with me working on his school project.
No Richard.. Jaylen's got this.
No Richard.. Jaylen’s got this.
Next day .. Pre-Season Tax Meeting. Bathroom #Selfie for the pretty admin lady :)
Next day .. Pre-Season Tax Meeting. Bathroom #Selfie for the pretty admin lady :)
My Boss. The Crew.  #DetroitGetsItDone
My Boss. The Crew.

Get Your Billion Back America. Your billion dreams and your billion purposes. I am apart of something bigger than me and so are you.


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Call Charles Buck’s H&R Block 1-800-859-1776

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Plymouth Ice Festival

Yonikka Kae’ Landed on Plymouth Rock

OMW to Plymouth. Lip Bobbi Brown RED 10
OMW to Plymouth. Lip Bobbi Brown RED 10

Who doesn’t just love a carnival in the snow?
Sailboats in the snow.
Sailboats in the snow.
Eagle in the sky. Fly high.
Fit for a Queen.
Nome me alone!
Don’t gnome me alone!
The girl with the gloves!
The girl with the gloves!


Plymouth Ice Festival

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For information on sponsorships and sponsored ice sculptures, please call 248-817-8836

Special Thanks to Uber Technologies

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Painting With A Twist – Wicked Moon

As Simple As An Invite

I had no idea what to expect when my sis Mylissa sent the invite for us girls to go and Paint With A Twist. It had truly been a rough holiday for us all with the recent passing of her mom Mrs.Tinsley not even a month prior. With her birthday drawing near and still no solid plans we could all understand her not wanting to do anything to celebrate her birthday although I secretly wished she would. Thank goodness Mylissa listened to her inner voice and at the very last minute decided against a non-celebration.

With the touch of a button a very simple mass text was sent to just a few close family members of her would be birthday plans. Mylissa is a simple girl. It doesn’t take much to please her at all. She is very non confrontational and so not about the drama. She spends her time taking care of her son A.J. and also her Mom before she passed from Pancreatic Cancer. It had been a rough year for us all but especially for her being that she lost her very best friend, her mom.

When asked what would your mom want you to do the answer is always “have the time of your life”. With this in mind, the one thing that Mylissa did want to do for her birthday was Painting with A Twist. Mylissa was a regular at the Farmington Hills location and the Wicked Moon painting was one she had wanted to master for a very long time it was perfect timing.

Painting and Twisting

The only difficulties I ever had was finding a place to park in the plaza because that joint was packed! It was a great thing too because the room was filled with even greater energy and lots of super amazing women. There were helpful staff members there to greet and check me, being the very last one to arrive I really appreciated the fact that everything was already set up for me and that my seat was saved within our group of girls.

My niece and first time expecting mom LaChelle :)
My niece and first time expecting mom LaChelle :)

The very last thing I’d ever drawn or painted was in the 5th grade at Hill Elementary and it was of my shoe. My art teacher had us take off our shoe and literally place it on the table to draw. Had I known we were going to do that I’d have worn a pair of my favorite because that shoe was so plain Jane in my opinion. On that day we had just lead pencil to draw with but I sketched my shoe like my life depended on it. I did such a great job that I’d won a place in our school art show and my shoe was put on display and framed the entire year.

Our Wicked Moons coming to life.

Sitting in on Painting With A Twist quickly reminded me of my 5th grade art roots, and rather than feeling intimidated it really boosted my artist ego. For the first time I was fully geared up with easel, brushes, and smock the only thing missing at first was my 5th grade confidence. The art instructor must have been an intuitive and part time motivational speaker because she is the reason why all of our paintings turned out so beautifully. Trust me, the only time you ever feel lost is maybe before you arrive because the instructor really makes the biggest difference.

The room is filled with so much artwork it makes you wonder how in the hell you could you ever paint something so detailed but the instructors there work the rooms full of women taking the time to go over each step with ease and guidance. Our wine breaks and laughs in-between I’m sure helped to channel our inner Van Goughs too.

Have you ever Painted With A Twist?

Painting With A Twist (formerly Corks n Canvas) is the largest employer of aspiring artist in the country. Started in 2007 by Cathy Deano and Renee Maloney in Mandeville, Louisiana, the concept pairs instructional art with friends, wine and a lively instructor to produce individual works of art. With four locations in the Greater New Orleans Area, the company began franchising the business as Painting with a Twist® in 2009.

To date, 185 franchise locations are open all over the country including the one my sister-in-law invited me to for her birthday festivities last December in Farmington Hills, MI. Although I have never met these women I am super grateful for the amazing place of creation they manifested into this world. Our time Painting With A Twist was one of the most memorable moments I’ve ever experienced.

Thank You Mylissa for such an awesome time!
renee-and-cathy-cnc pwt
Founders Renee Maloney and Cathy Deano
Our entire class - Wicked Moon. Farmington Hills, MI. 12/2014
Our entire class – Wicked Moon. Farmington Hills, MI. 12/2014

Painting With A Twist – Farmington Hills Events Valentine’s Day Week

33033 Grand River Ave
Farmington, MI 48336
(248) 476-7928
Located in the TJMaxx & Dress Barn shopping center







Valentines Day

What We Think Is Always Happening

Our thought and mind chatter bring us all that we want and in some cases don’t want. In other words your world will always be filled with whatever fills your mind. If you want to completely change your world then don’t just stand there like a perfect victim describing the details, cringing at the site, explaining it to others.

Do something about it with your thought first and the world will conspire with you to achieve all that you desire.  Nothing grinds my gears more than a self inflicted wound. #WorldofYonni

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