Kate Hudson Sees Spirit Too

The amazing Helen Keller said, “The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart.”

So why is the world so quick to call Kate Hudson kooky for naming spirit?

Maybe it’s because energy is a new term in Hollywood.

Yes, I admit, it does sounds a little confusing when the gorgeous blonde haired Kate Hudson calls spirit “A fifth sense” and suggests that we tell any unwanted soul what year it is .. And to leave –

- but at least give her credit for speaking her truth. The truth.

In her interview with Alan Carr, Hudson explains how her and Mum Goldie Hawn have the ability to feel energy. Her only mistake being the effort in explanation.

‘It is not really seeing, it is feeling a spirit. A fifth energy. I believe in energy. I believe our brains can manifest into visual things.’

Intuition is real yet Hollywood isn’t well known for the acceptance of supernatural beings, energy, spirit, fifth or sixth senses. Truth is, our brains CAN manifest into visual things but they don’t want you to know that.

We believe you Kate and we love that you told the world about spirit. We aren’t high off green shrubs (now) nor are we making this all up. We believe in things unseen too.

Fake People


My thoughts are .. No one can ever “use you”. We humans have one super power that belongs to no other being or thing called consciousness. Consciousness is the one and only big vibrational signal that we are in charge of. The vibes we give off are what attract other people, places and things to us. Sometimes these people, places and things are a perfect match and sometimes it doesn’t work out but never is it a waste of time or by chance or coincidence. Consider it all apart of your journey even if someone else’s intentions were different than yours. Thank the universe for this gift too.

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I knew this moment will come one day. So many good things has happened to me and I had so much fun that it was unreal. To earn my trust is a really hard thing. I’m open and honest to everyone but I select the people really carefully who I let close to me.

I got really disappointed today when I found out, someone who was supposedly one of my best friends is just using me. I’m not sure if it makes sense in english to say “someone is using someone” but basically what I’m trying to say is when a person is only friends with someone to use him to achieve something. These are not real friends. I experienced this today but I don’t want to get into details about what happened exactly.

I’m a little disappointed but I don’t really care honestly. It’s kinda my fault too because…

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The whore…

Originally posted on Evalynn1416:

I took a look at the Etymology insertion I read online. The term “whore” did not have exclusivity to just one group of women in the 1530s. It was often subjected to prostitutes or “harlots”, those who have desires. But don’t we all have desires? To whom we often refer all promiscuous women, as whores. So you see a young 18 year old girl posting sexual piCtuees of her bare skin on social media, that makes her a whore? Or maybe the middle aged woman whom has several experiences with men in her life only in attempts to fall in love with her soul mate. Is she a whore as well? Or lastly, the classic exotic dancer. Who spends her late nights twirling tricks and making Benjamin her only possession. She’s a whore in your eyes as well…

How I see it is, we are quick to pass judgment on…

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Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud (1Cor.13:4-8). These are the heart felt words I read for the bride and groom on that beautiful day in September. The tent was set days ago and the sun stood brightly above as to agree. Ms. Latonya Michelle Tinsley would soon become Mrs. Latonya Michelle Bell, a love story that began some thirteen years ago. The Bell Wedding a beautiful merge of two families and a true testament of love, patience, and kindness.


LaTonya, affectionately known as “Tonya” is a Mother of 4, Grandmother to one beautiful baby boy, Aunt and Sister to many. She’s spent her lifetime giving and doing for others, taking care of loved ones, and raising her family. If anyone is more deserving of joining in holy matrimony with their King, it is she.

20140930-102044-37244917.jpgAwaiting The Beautiful Bride.
LeVaun Graves (son) (Grandmother of the Bride), Jaylen Tinsley (nephew) , Linda Tinsley (Mother of the Bride)
20140930-100552-36352450.jpgThe Flower Girl prepares the red carpet for The Bride.
20140930-100121-36081818.jpgLaTonya given away at the alter by her oldest son LeVaun Graves

The #Tinsleys (Amil, Jaylen and Yonikka)

Latonya has a special place forever in our hearts. Long before we were related by marriage, she had already been my sister. I too met Tonya about thirteen years ago around the same time I met my husband Amil. When Jaylen was first born Amil and I were teen parents and needed all the help that we could get.

Tonya kept Jaylen each day we went to school as if he were her own, always rearranging her schedule, and never complaining. I believe that love is lead by example, I’m so happy to call her sis. I’m sure everyone has a “Tonya Tinsley” story. Love is patient, love is kind.

The Cake

Ok Tinsleys on 3


Picture Perfect


Groom getting his groove on with his mom.

20140930-112022-40822617.jpgMother of the Bride and I .. Ms. Tinsley aka LinTin

20140930-112022-40822323.jpgLaTrice Nicole (daughter of the bride)


#Selfie with the Groom and Pastor



I love when the music plays at a wedding. Not the actual band but the orchestration of the hard work, thoughts, intentions and love that it takes to make the actual day flow. Weddings are so magical! The essence and the energy of the environment are unmistakable. If you are so lucky to witness love learn. If you are so lucky to be in love feel. If you are so lucky to be loved… love. Love is patient, love is kind.


Best Sandwhich Ever: Ernie’s Market

Whoooo Loves You Baby?!

Ernie, expert sandwhich crafter and owner of Ernie’s Market in Oak Park Michigan, loves each one of his customers in his sandwhich shop and he isn’t afraid to tell you so. 20140726-174131-63691792.jpg
Visiting Ernie’s Market is a definite must-do while visiting the Metro-Detroit area. Located just minutes from downtown Oak Park, Ernie’s Market has been a hometown favorite sandwhich shop since it’s opening in 1955. Being the only of its kind, sandwhich lovers come from all over the country to have an Ernie.

It isn’t just the food that attracts you, it’s the ambiance, the vibe of the market, and Ernie himself that keeps you coming back for more. You couldn’t pay for a better experience or a better sandwhich.

It was hard not to notice the smell of fresh green onions, the smiling faces,’or the fact that there is no menu.
Around the market there are photos of happy Ernie’s customers and numerous plaques, awards and recognitions that Ernie’s Market has received over the years including Channel 4’s Detroit’s Best Sandwhich Shop Award 2013 and Ernie’s Market Day declared by the City of Oak Park as February 20th.

Along with the amazing soul of a man and irresistible sandwiches that Ernie’s Market is known for, you can also find an assortment of hometown favorite treats like BetterMade Snacks and Faygo Beverages.

I agreed to the big $5 Ernie sandwhich loaded with fresh sliced smoked turkey, chicken, and all the fixings.

After fist pounds, a handful of Hershey kisses, and fifty cent can sodas we were on our way.
What amazes me is how we all stood in line for just a few minutes with Ernie, and a great sandwhich of course. I believe the human soul is attracted to the essence and light of love itself, I also believe that Ernie really loves to make sanwhiches. Somewhere inside of this energy filled man there lies a relentless soul that follows his dream daily. One man, one market and that’s all he ever wanted. The love is free.

Ernie fixing our sandwhiches. Don’t forget to add the extra love.

Our Ernie Samwhiches. #YUM

Ernie’s Market
8500 Capital St. Oak Park, MI 48237
Phone (248) 541-9703

Slogan: “Whooo Loves You Baby!!”

Ernie The Man

After you’ve had your Ernie!!
Don’t forget to vote for Ernie!
Help Ernie’s Become Best Sandwhich Shop 2014

The #Tinsleys @ Ernie’s Market


Photo Credit: Instagram
More of His Love

Photo Credit: Instagram
The only place you will stand in line for 40 mins and a $4 sandwhich

Photo Credit: Instagram
An Ernie Sandwich, BetterMade Chips and Faygo Cola #MadeinMichigan

Until next time …


A Stress Free Answer For Natural Or Relaxed Hair: Chevelure by MiMi Review

What if I told you that I’ve found the holy grail equivalent to everything sweet, sultry, nourishing, and strengthening inside of a shampoo bottle? What if I also told you that this magnificent products root seed is from the motherland of Guinea and is available right here in the states?


Women everywhere are dumping their big name, sulfate filled shampoo bottles for something a little more all natural and 100% real. With tons of hair care products out there to choose from, it’s important as consumers to know what kind of scalp treatment you are really receiving. 

Standing in front of the aisles does build up the pressure to choose but does a pretty label always mean beautiful results? Are products available over the counter the best suited for the job?

If you are like me then you are almost always experimenting with styles somewhere in-between natural hair care and those needing touch up relaxers. Braids and short trims, I’ve had my fair share too. I can never quite decide exactly how I want my hair except for in the moment of the style.

20140723-124818-46098581.jpgWith my on the go lifestyle, I’m the kind of woman that requires the freedom to style my hair however I want. I also require the kind of hair care product that nourishes and moisturizes my scalp without weighing it down and is completely stress free and that is why I love Chevelure by MiMi hair care products.


As a new wife and always hip mom, I now often find myself in the men’s and little boys aisles to see what hair care products they have for my guys. I’ve found that there isn’t much to choose from when it comes to all organic and safe for all. Choices include either grabbing a shampoo bottle from the local Walmart or Beauty Supply on a trip for myself or lending my shampoo/conditioner bottles and sweet smelling scalp oils to them too. I definitely don’t mind sharing but I would rather a hair care system that I know works great for everyone.


Chevelure, from Old French chevelëure, meaning head full of hair, is the root name behind the brand Chevelure by MiMi, founded by Emilie Doumbouya-Hill. Better known to her loved ones as MiMi, she has created the perfect natural solution for healthy, tangle-free, and easy-to-manage hair.

I fell in love when I was introduced to ChevelurebyMiMi products. The simple 3 step strengthening shampoo and conditioner system grows hair beautifully with continued use and is safe for the entire family. Chevelure by MiMi contains only the most natural ingredients. The strengthening shampoo made with ginger root, olive oil, aloe vera, rosemary and tea tree to moisturize and nourish the scalp.


The Peppermint Tea Tree Scalp Treatment Oil is my absolute favorite during the week scalp moisturizer. It’s light, keeps my scalp nourished, and smells delicious. It helps relieve itchy, dry scalp. Stops flaking and soothes dry, brittle hair. Normalizes and balances scalp moisture levels for lasting comfort and soft touchable hair and is infused with peppermint, tea tree, rosemary and vitamin E.


With the use of Chevelure sulfate-free products my hair grows thicker, fuller, longer and is easily manageable. Whether I want to wear it naturally curly-froish, or I decide to use a relaxer and wear it sleek, it is always my choice.

Since using Chevelure by MiMi, my hair is stronger from the root and is no longer brittle or weak. I’ve saw instant results after just one use. I use and recommend Chevelure by MiMi products to all of my friends and my entire family uses Chevelure now too. Because of the all natural ingredients Chevelure is even safe to use for all ethnicities and ages.

 If your style is ever so changing, you are somewhere in between too, or you need something safe, organic and little all natural for the entire family to use… Chevelure by MiMi is for you.


You can shop ChevelurebyMiMi hair and body products online


(International Delivery)

Follow MiMi! @ChevelurebyMiMi on Facebook Instagram and Twitter


Purchase Chevelure by MiMi in Person
Sunday July 27, 2014 Atlanta, GA
Naturals in The Park
Tickets Online: http://www.NaturalsInThePark.com

Steve Harvey Neighborhood Awards Weekend Expo

Friday-Sunday August 8-10 Atlanta, GA

Tickets Online TicketMaster.com


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