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I make it my personal goal each day to be all that I can and all that I am. There is no effort exerted to be me, for I am always naturally just who I am because I’ve grown to be. You’ve got to work at it before it comes naturally. I love to call it vibrational homework because it’s nothing but pure positive energy.

Everything in its Perfect Place
In the world we live in people are often busy being themselves too, long before you two have even crossed paths. I’ve found that the wonderful thing about encounters with others, whoever they may be, is that we can not control them but we can control how we feel, what we do, and most of all how we react, if at all.

A few words of advice, never take anything personal even if you think it is. There are a million tiny forces at work behind every one moment that you see.

Prep Your Soul Daily
Before you “see” other people moving about in their days, you’ve got to know who you are at the root of your core. It’s important to put the happy gauge on self before you step into this world. Believe it or not, others aren’t quite vibrationally all-there either and you definitely can’t depend on them to get to happy for you.

Life is a Journey
Life is a journey filled with lessons to propel you, and no matter what they tell you it isn’t a quick trip. Life is your movie with no pause button. Everything is something and every moment is it. Each and every person, place or thing that you have ever encountered has something to do with your life, directly or indirectly placed there just for you.

What to do in a world filled with hate, war and violence?  Show gratefulness and gratitude everywhere you go even in the fields.

Be Happy or Else
Each day strangers I meet have to choose very quickly when they see me, whether to love me or hate me. I definitely don’t make matters any better by always smiling, always being polite, and always lending my positive energy to the area.

My Vortex is Home
It’s easier to notice when you are not in your vortex if that is your usual hangout spot (speaking in vibrational terms). A vortex is not a physical thing it is more of an energy kind of thing. Your vortex is filled with the energy and essence of you at your peak.

Even if you are not currently in line with or aligned with all things wanted, you sure can get there by feeling your way “vibrationally”. Once you have how you feel in tact, you are free to roam the earth.

To make it in this world you have got to figure out who you are or at least who you want to be if your one of those who haven’t got a clue. Figure out who you are beyond what anyone else thinks, thought or knows of you. A condition-less, fearless, you. A you that even surprises you… We’ve only got today.

Yesterday’s Love is Today’s Too


YKbeads website and custom order drop off with my husband. He helped me fill out all of the envelopes. We decided to walk up the street to the post office from home. The wind advisory was REAL. I literally almost blew away. ❤


Lunch with U ❤ Downtown Royal Oak, MI taking care of business. I loved the $3.50 margaritas. We had two 4 lunch.

Class of 2004 Yearbook King Highschool
While I made jewelry ..


you found this…


Meant to be or nah?
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Forever 21 On The Run

While catching up on Market Place news printed in this past Thursday’s Wall Street Journal, I found a most interesting article about one of my favorite retail stores. The article titled Forever 21‘s Cavernous Stores pose Challenge, written by Suzanne Kapner suggests that America’s Favorite Fashion Department Store Forever 21 is having trouble filling its stores. Saying that “To help fill them Forever 21 pushed into categories such as menswear, footwear, lingerie and plus size.”

Haters can only speculate. The very privately owned Forever 21 Inc. does not report sales or profits. The quickly expanding fashion department store known for its trendy teen clothing items and low prices, was established originally in 1984 by husband and wife business duo Don Chang and Jin Sook.

With expansions in product lines and store locations still on the rise for this fast growing chain, The Wall Street Journal reports that Forever 21 Inc. Is having trouble in retail paradise but I say that Forever 21 stores are the best thing since “Tar-zhay”.


It is absolutely amazing that Forever 21 keeps expanding its product line on its own dime, not going public as recently rumored.
Forever 21 stores are for all kinds of shoppers, especially the fashionable and spend conscious.

Since it’s birth, Forever 21 has always been a budgeting teen fashionistas go to store. With everything from sunglasses to handbags and rings, in addition to $8.00 jeans and $7.00 cardigans. Overtime the brand and clothes have grown up and those teens that fell in love years ago have grown up and now have families that love the brand too.


Brand loyalty to Forever 21 is almost cult like and it takes a deep love and understanding to experience it. The number in the name itself is a threshold where girl meets woman and if you are lucky, when it comes to your fashion sense, what brought you keeps you and you never part ways.

Where else can you find an outfit for any type of season, all year long in the same store? There isn’t anything in Forever 21 that a girl (or woman) can’t throw on and make herself and her entire fashionable family look like a million bucks for less. Whether it’s a cute blazer or car coat, leggings, nail polish or a bustier, F21’s got it.

There is no compromise in quality or look either, In my opinion Forever 21 is an even better department store than HandM and because of its variety and affordability. You can go into any Forever 21 store across the country and find something different in each store, especially the experience. I personally love the photo booth in the Las Vegas store.

Describing Forever 21 stores as cavernous, is true in a sense but never does large size pose a threat to this so called juggernaut. Forever 21 is anything but massive and overpowering its more sweet and subtle. Think to back when Target first arrived and the excitement it must have caused. Forever 21 Inc. is bigger and better than ever with the brains, brands and space to back them.

Keeping up with The Chang’s, daughters Esther and Lisa both act as General Merchandising Manager and Senior VP of Merchandising. Jin decides on what the lines carry and Don, I’m sure still decides where to go next with all of their big ideas.

Don and his wife Jin moved from Korea to Los Angeles in the early 1980’s opening then teen retailer Fashion 21, in a 900-square-foot shop on Figueroa Street in downtown LA. Mr. Chang’s dream of an entire fashion department store has come to fruition.

With product lines now including 21Men, Forever 21+ Forever Girls, Love21, lingerie, and a host of beauty, hair, nail,  make-up,  perfume, personal care items, handbags, shoes and accessories, Forever 21 is not just for teens anymore. When carving out the path for this success, the Chang’s did not think too big perhaps other retailers thought too little of them.
F21 owner Don Chang purchased 15 leases from Mervyn’s back during its 2008 liquidation, each store about 80,000 square -feet. The Wall Street Journal refers to Forever 21’s store location choices as, “those reserved for mall anchors”.
This same article also suggest that those familiar with the brand are unhappy because they no longer have enough time to look through stores. Another complaint given in this article is that products have become repetitive.

Esther Robbins, a 36-yr-old stay-at-home mother browsed the Short Hills, NJ location and said, “Who has time to go through all the racks?”. As a 28-year-old lover of Forever 21, I say, “I could literally stay there all day.”

Source: The Wallstreet Journal Thursday November 20, 2014. Suzanne Kapner

To those not yet on the F21 train, remember that it isn’t just a store It’s an experience. Never visit in a rush unless you already know what you want. Shopping online is also a plus, there is almost always free shipping available. Right now save an extra 20% off Pre-Black Friday Deals plus Free Shipping on All orders over $30.

Below check out a list of my ultimate favorite things from #F21 in 21 Reasons Why Forever 21. Click on the link to shop now.

21 Reasons Why Forever 21.

1. Detachable Hood Blazer $54.90 21Men


2. Shawl Collar Sweater $27.90 21Men


3. Classic Drawstring Sweatpants $14.80 21Men

4. Faux Leather Backpack $29.90 21Men

5. Scalloped Lace Pencil Skirt
$19.90 Love21


6. Classic Car Coat $47.80/$38.24 sale Love21

7. Sunburst Crotchet Bell-Sleeved Dress $27.90 Love21


8. Featherweight Turtleneck Top $6.80 Love21



9. Faux Leather Drawstring Joggers $22.80 Love21



10. Embroidered Fit and Flare Dress $27.80 Love21



11. Tartan Plaid Bodycon Dress $14.90 Forever21+



12. Faded Chambray Shirt $29.90 Forever21+


13. Nothing to Wear T-shirt $17.90 Forever21+


14. Floral Print Jeggings $19.90
Forever Girls


15. Heather Striped Cotton Tee $9.90 Forever Girls

15. Embossed Metallic-Woven Dress $24.90 Forever Girls


16. Ultimate Eye Kit $4.90 Accessories
17. Bow Case Lipstick $4.90 Accessories






18. Eva NYC Electric Yellow Ceramic Styling Iron $60.00 Beauty

19. Tattly Gold Flowers Tattoo $5.00 Accessories

20. Convertible Faux Leather Satchel $29.90 Bags and Wallets


21. See-Through Box Clutch $24.90 Bags and Wallets

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Tools of The Mind – Manifest Destiny with YKBEADS

There are so many wonderful treats our Earth gives us to heal our bodies, minds and souls. We have water to quench our thirst, herbs, teas and spices, for drink and flavor in our food.

We can simply clasp our hands together in prayer for a one on one with God and we can apply our Ykbeads wearable energy jewelry just about anywhere else in between.


(Photo courtesy of iconosquare.com via @coachalexisbillings wearing #ykbeads #Turtletime )

YKBEADS jewelry are made from the best stuff on earth. Packed full, ykbeads gemstones and crystals are born as rocks, corals, lava, magnets and metals and then are formed to wearable bead-energies.
Because of this the stones are said to be made of real earth DNA, human hands, soul too. If you want the creative pot at best they also come made to order.

If it is your desire to become fertile either before, during or after pregnancy try YKBeads Goddess Body. Any piece blended with Rose quartz, Corals or moonstone is sure to be the master healer . Ask YK for an elixir to get your girl power mojo going.

In any event of lack, abundance is always available especially if Citrine has anything to do with it. Better known as the merchants stone, it’s yellow hue services your solar plexus energies in all the right ways. Just a drop goes a very long way.
Everyday is B.Y.O.E. Bring Your Own Energy. No two wearer’s experience is ever the same because sharing happens continuously.

Trade them with friends once you’ve met your purpose or goal with that one “piece”, (or keep them forever) . Give the gift of energy too, it’s always better to give than to receive.

1. Attract Love Rose Quartz  is the stone of universal love. It restores trust and harmony in relationships, encouraging unconditional love. Rose Quartz purifies and opens the heart at all levels to promote love, self-love, friendship, deep inner healing and feelings of peace.

Calming and reassuring, it helps to comfort in times of grief. Rose Quartz dispels negativity and protects against environmental pollution, replacing it with loving vibes. It encourages self-forgiveness and acceptance invoking self-trust and self-worth.

rose quartz
Rose Quartz YK Classic $45
Purchase Rose Quartz YK Classic
2. Focus Tigers Eye A stone of protection, Tiger Eye may also bring good luck to the wearer.  It has the power to focus the mind, promoting mental clarity, assisting us to resolve problems objectively and unclouded by emotions.  Particularly useful for healing psychosomatic illnesses, dispelling fear and anxiety.

Useful for recognizing one’s own needs in relation to the needs of others.  Balancing yin-yang and energizing the emotional body, Tiger Eye stabilizes mood swings, imbues us with willpower, purpose, courage and self-confidence, and releases tension.

warden of evil

Warden of Evil $55
Onyx, Tigers Eye, Red Evil Eye
Purchase Warden of Evil
3. Manifest Aquamarine.  Not only is aquamarine a beautiful stone with its mesmerizing blue-green hue, it’s a powerful crystal for manifesting on it’s own unique high frequency. It’s a particularly good choice for those overcoming obstacles in the workplace. It can assist those needing help with closure in any area of life.

Aquamarine offers courage, strength, clarity, creativity and closure. It brings confidence and the power to be heard.  It’s also a  great stone for anyone feeling overwhelmed by responsibility. Aquamarine also helps to clear the mind of chatter.

blue hues
Blue Hues $45
Aquamarine, Jade, Amazonite, Turquoise
Purchase Blue Hues
4.Transform Malachite absorbs negative energies and pollutants, picking them up from the atmosphere and from the body.  Guards against radiation and clears electromagnetic pollution.  Malachite clears and activates the chakras and attunes to spiritual guidance.  It opens the heart to unconditional love.

Encourages risk-taking and change, breaks unwanted ties and outworn patterns, and teaches how to take responsibility for one’s actions, thoughts and feelings.  Malachite releases inhibitions and develops empathy with others.  It alleviates mental disturbances and combats dyslexia.

Enables you to absorb and process information.  Releases negative experiences and old traumas.  Stimulates dreams.
Mother Earth Malachite $45
Purchase Mother Earth Malachite
5. Strength – Inner and Outer Onyx raises one’s resistance and persistence, enabling one to carry even unmanageable and tasks during to completion. On a mental level, it increases one’s power to keep focus, making it possible for one to take fighting new material and use well all that one has mastered. It quickly enhances the retention of memory and promotes attention to detail.

These traits make Onyx a instructive instrument for pupils, teachers, business owners, accountants, lawyers, software and computer technicians, and all those whose work calls for high levels of focus, dedication and discipline.
 Fantasy Bloom $45
African Wood, Citrine, Onyx
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Have an idea for your next custom order?

Email YK At:


Media/Press Support@ykbeads.com
Cover photo beads Ykbeads lava basalt black, Crystal Quartz and Giraffe Agate. Worn by @Verogs77 For Fashion Tips and looks #Made easy Follow @Verogs77 on Twitter and Instagram. Also check out FashionMadeEasyByVGS.Blogspot.com.

Ice Cream on Christmas

Originally posted to Crazy. Beautiful.We. on June 08, 2013

Written by Yonikka

 If it is your life’s mission to be happy, in addition to understanding our lack of the control over things, you’ll also quickly learn that nothing is by coincidence and that everything always flows no matter what. 

Knowing and living these truths are the first steps toward happy. Doing so allows a trust that pushes past all understanding. Paying close attention to any given moment in life will also evidently show how things never happen just by happen stance.

It was summer and oddly I was home alone. Restless, I decided to grab my laptop from downstairs to finish up some work. While in my dining room I could hear the ice cream truck from outside and the music over its loud speaker instantly made me think of my son Jaylen.

It hadn’t even been a full day since he left with his dad to head back to Michigan for summer break but I missed him already. If he were here now he’d come racing through the door from outside to ask for a couple dollars for ice cream.

If he had just gotten allowance he wouldn’t ask me for money at all he’d very hurriedly ask me if I wanted anything from the truck. I’d always say, “no”, “but thank you”, and he’d always say, “ok!” and then hurry out the door.

Only the times when he didn’t have money and it was almost pay day for him (allowance) he’d ask to borrow money but I’d never want it back.

Because the sound of the music made me miss Jaylen, I hurried to grab money from my purse on the kitchen counter to simply enjoy an ice cream cone.

I knew that he’d want me to do that rather than to be sad. Now hearing the music of the ice cream truck quickly fade further down the street I darted to grab a $20 bill from my bag. 

As I headed out of my front door and walked to the end of the driveway I saw the ice cream van rounding the corner now headed toward the street behind my house.

Determined to get an ice cream in the name of Jaylen, I fast walked it past the side of my house and past the homes of the neighbors behind me.

On my way I ran into one of Jaylen’s friends. Remembering the 20 dollars in hand I told him to go get everyone else on that wanted ice cream too, my treat!

When I finally did catch up to the ice cream van I did gain a new found understanding for Jaylen’s excitement, it truly was pure bliss. I enjoyed every minute of choosing. There were all sorts of colorful photos with different ice cream flavors, shapes and sizes to choose from.

I mean, that is how you choose what you want from the ice cream truck, well in this case ice cream van. Anyone that’s anyone knows that the ice cream decision stance is when you stand back, arms folded with the upward stare. Just like the Oscar’s, best picture wins.

As all the other kids gathered to look and choose what they wanted too, I then remembered why I was there in the first place, then asking the woman in the ice cream van if she remembered my son Jaylen.

Unsure and staring at me as if to see him too, she then asked me how old Jaylen was. I replied to her, “ten”. She then looked at me with great surprise because she thought I was one of the kids. Flattered, I replied, “no”, and smiled.

While Jaylen’s friends enjoyed their ice creams, the woman now confused asked where was Jaylen? Saddened by his departure just hours ago, I then explained that he was in Michigan with his father for the summer.

When I said that he was with family she shook her head yes and smiled at me as if it were an affirmation to me that he was absolutely OK. I truly believe that my spirit led me outside for that affirmation, not the actual ice cream itself.

Satisfied in all sides, I then asked the nice woman for my total so that everyone could be on their way, she told me just $14. Seeing that I had extra money left over from the $20 bill, I then asked if she had any potato chips, candy or soda also for sale and she replied,”no but I have biscuits”.

Mistaken that maybe I had misheard her due to her African accent, I asked her could I see what she meant by “biscuits”. When she pulled out an actual pack of cheese crackers, aka “biscuits”, I burst into laughter. I was tickled and she laughed too because I laughed.

All of a sudden the laughter ceased because I began to think in a very rapid fashion. My mouth moving quicker than I could keep up. In total I shared about 10-15 ideas with her about how she could increase her business profits.

She listened to me speak the business and product gospel, still in awe for about five minutes total and while I talked, the children still stood behind me eating the ice cream melting in their hands by then.

I was in a zone, the entrepreneurial one. I wanted to share with her my bigger than biscuits ideas and concepts.

We exchanged contact information and as I walked away from the ice cream van, jingle bells played over the loudspeaker. 

Kate Hudson Sees Spirit Too

The amazing Helen Keller said, “The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart.”

So why is the world so quick to call Kate Hudson kooky for naming spirit?

Maybe it’s because energy is a new term in Hollywood.

Yes, I admit, it does sounds a little confusing when the gorgeous blonde haired Kate Hudson calls spirit “A fifth sense” and suggests that we tell any unwanted soul what year it is .. And to leave –

- but at least give her credit for speaking her truth. The truth.

In her interview with Alan Carr, Hudson explains how her and Mum Goldie Hawn have the ability to feel energy. Her only mistake being the effort in explanation.

‘It is not really seeing, it is feeling a spirit. A fifth energy. I believe in energy. I believe our brains can manifest into visual things.’

Intuition is real yet Hollywood isn’t well known for the acceptance of supernatural beings, energy, spirit, fifth or sixth senses. Truth is, our brains CAN manifest into visual things but they don’t want you to know that.

We believe you Kate and we love that you told the world about spirit. We aren’t high off green shrubs (now) nor are we making this all up. We believe in things unseen too.


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