Anne Hathaway’s Aura

Just prior to Anne Hathaway hosting the 2011 Oscars, she was spotted with a friend at the Crystalarium in West Hollywood, a store that caters to the “metaphysical client.”  She was shopping for crystals to “unblock her energy” for her in her hosting duties.  After browsing for a while, Anne purchased two crystals. Placing crystals like these on different parts of the body can remove blockages, have healing properties, and surround the body with energy.


We are forever uncertain of which crystals she bought that day in West Hollywood, but If I were Anne Hathaway in the Crystalarium, I would have gotten a small piece crystal quartz to wear in my bra during the show. Often called the “Universal Crystal” due to it’s many uses, crystal quartz is a very powerful stone. In addition to it making some amazing jewelry, this stone is extremely helpful for healing, meditation, protection and channeling.

83rd Annual Academy Awards - Governors Ball

Perhaps her second choice was a piece of tumbled turquoise which is also an excellent stone choice, especially for being in the spotlight. Turquoise is a purification stone.  It dispels negative energy and can be worn to protect against outside influences or pollutants in the atmosphere.  Turquoise balances and aligns all the chakras, stabilizing mood swings and instilling inner calm.  It is excellent for depression and exhaustion, it also has the power to prevent panic attacks. Turquoise promotes self-realization and assists creative problem solving.

If you are ever in West Hollywood too, be sure to stop by the Crystalarium like Anne did for a little crystal TLC.

8500 Melrose Ave #105
West Hollywood, CA 90069

Abundance Prayer


From The Light of God that We Are.

From The Love of God that We Are.

From The Power of God that We Are.

From The Heart of God that We Are.

Lets Decree-

We dwell in the midst of Infinite Abundance. The Abundance of God is our Infinite Source.

The River of Life never stops flowing. It flows through us into lavish expression. Good comes to us through unexpected avenues and God works in a myriad of ways to bless us.

We now open our minds to receive our good. Nothing is too good to be true. Nothing is too wonderful to have happen. With God as our Source, Nothing amazes us.

We are not burdened by thoughts of past or future. One is gone. The other is yet to come.

By the power of our belief, coupled with our purposeful fearless actions and our deep rapport with God, our future is created and our abundance made manifest.

We ask and accept that We are lifted in this and every moment into Higher Truth. Our minds are quiet.

From this day forward We give freely and fearlessly into life and Life gives back to us with magnificent increase. Blessings come in expected and unexpected ways. God provides for us in wondrous ways for the work that we do.

I AM indeed grateful. 

We Are The Wolf Pack

The thing I love the most about us is our bond. I remember when I was pregnant with you at age 16, I imagined the sort of relationship that we’d have and this is way better.

2013-10-03 16.58.36-1

All smiles with you in front of Starbuck’s


First day of school

2013-10-04 08.07.49

In 5th grade you joined the school choir and Lego League. I loved each and every performance and tournament.

2013-10-04 17.58.00

We learned how to multi-task… especially when you started basketball.


2013-10-19 10.15.16

I love it when you’re with me and I’m working. I love it when Denim is there too. You two are like brothers :)2013-10-19 16.54.56-2


I love your sense of style.


I love how you cheer me on.


Lego League Finals … Although your team did not win, I love how they really depended on you and you were there for them.


I was so nervous for you. #MamaBear


#Teamwork makes the dream work


We are the Wolf Pack.






Dear Son, I’ll be there to catch you.

Fall in Love with YKBEADS

The most amazing things about YKBEADS jewelry is the fact that they are all uniquely beautiful, all handmade in the USA, all organic and 100% one of a kind. The point is to collect-them-all, only if you get to them first, and in my opinion, it’s way better than that beanie baby phase America went through. I also love to see how YKBEADS lovers put their own spin and style into it when rocking with the best.


My style is very Bohemian-isc so go figure that Little 5 Points is one of my favorite shoots to date. Here I am wearing stacks of YKBEADS bracelets on both arms, Aztec leggings, white Celine hoodie, neon brightening sweater (YKBEADS Clothes) and fringe moccasin boots by Minnetonka.


Little 5 Points, located near downtown Atlanta, is a very eclectic part of town to say the least. There are interesting shops, restaurants and people all around, I even use to work at a little spot called Front Page News. I loved running into the group of people on the street during this particular shoot. I loved telling them about my jewelry and I also loved giving the energy away to them. I’m all about the magic and n’sync-ness.


Mural wall


Model Indigo and I in front of the Rag-O-Rama.


My son Jaylen photo-bombed us… the dog did too.


Look up say cheese! #candids

Fall in love with the beads.

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Photo credit: Sydney Foster Infinite Photography


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